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Why Civic is the Most Fuel Efficient Sedan


Honda is renowned for its performance, design, power, and of course, fuel-efficiency, and the Honda Civic the shining example.

Whether it's a long drive or rush hour traffic, you'll look forward to powering through it all with the Civic. The 1.5-litre turbocharged direct-injected 4-cylinder engine is available on every Civic model. The 2.0-litre, 16-valve, DOHC, i-VTEC® engine is standard on the Sedan and Coupe.

civic side

If you're the type who loves control, you'll love the standard 6-speed manual transmission (MT) on the Sedan (DX and LX), Hatchback and Coupe (LX and EX-T). If you just want to pop it in drive and go, the available continuously variable transmission (CVT) is everything you need. But if you're feeling eager, the available steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters make driving the Hatchback a truly hands-on experience.

Plus, thanks to Eco Assist™ with ECON mode, the Honda Civic is designed to help keep you on the road longer, and away from gas stations. Compared to many midsize sedans including the 2019 Toyota Corolla, Mazda3, Elantra and Sentra, the Honda Civic is more fuel efficient and is the clear choice for drivers who are looking to save money on gas!

Fuel Economy (L/100Km)

2019 Honda Civic - 7.8/6.2/7.1 (city/hwy/combined)

2019 Hyundai Elantra - 8.3/6.4/7.4 (city/hwy/combined)

2019 Mazda Mazda3 - 8.7/6.6/7.8 (city/hwy/combined)

2019 Toyota Corolla - 8.5/6.6/7.6 (city/hwy/combined)

2019 Hyundai Sentra - 8.1/6.3/7.3 (city/hwy/combined)

2019 Kia Forte - 8.6/6.4/7.6 (city/hwy/combined)

2019 Volkswagen Passat - 9.3/6.5/8.1 (city/hwy/combined)

2019 Subaru Impreza - 8.3/6.4/7.5 (city/hwy/combined)

Source: 2019 Fuel Consumption Guide by Natural Resources Canada

The Honda Civic has been the retail best-selling passenger car for 21 straight years. Civic is also the number one choice for Millennials, Gen Z, multicultural and first-time buyers.  Visit Destination Honda and test drive one today.